About Emily


Hello friends!
I’m Emily Kappelman. I’m a growth seeking individual with a desire to help empower each person to live their best life. I’m drawn to holistic, natural, time- tested remedies such as acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), essential oils, breathing, movement, and faith based practices; along with current studies and research about the neuroplasticity of the mind, neurology, and the way our thoughts shape our world.
I’m an Advocate (INFJ-T), Empathizer, Coach, Time Keeper, Brainstormer, Believer; and I have strengths with Learning, Intellection, Responsibility, Input, and Consistency.
I’m a native to Iowa and whether it’s a humid-100 degrees day or a dry- below 0 day, I strive to enjoy the changing seasons because just like our internal world, it’s all about balance and all we have is the present moment.
I hope this blog brings you some helpful ideas and remedies, and new or challenging ways of thinking about things, but most of all I hope it brings you a little bit of joy- so you may feel charged with a love for life to give what you can so you may receive even more in return. Because, you deserve it.
Welcome to Being Well & Balanced.

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