National Time Refund Day

February 29th! Leap year means you have an entire extra day in 2020. What are you going to spend your extra time doing? I sincerely hope you’re able to spend it doing at least one thing that brings you joy!
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However, I know the reality for many people will be another day doing the daily grind. At least it’s a Saturday so hopefully people feel they can celebrate a little bit. You don’t have to have a crazy party (but if you want to, don’t let me stop you!) but just be aware of the “extra” time, be thankful, and do something fun.
Your time is valuable. As my gal pal Rachel Hollis says, “If it’s not a HELL YES, than it’s a NO!” And no, I’m not gal pals with Rachel Hollis (how cool would it be though!?) but her advice is sound. And this really got me thinking about things I just say yes to because I feel I should. I know throughout the years this has totally been me… a yes girl. But I’m working on being grounding, having clarity, and strengthening my backbone (which my dad has always encouraged his girls to have).
I pray you:
– Know your value
Be thankful for the time you have
– Do at least one thing every day which brings you joy
Happy National Time Refund Day!
Photo Credit: Amanda Sengbusch

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