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My Bookshelf: When God Winks At You

Hi Friend.

What a time in history this is. Whether you’re one to watch all the footage, news reports, and media, or one who consciously takes in what you’re able to handle to better serve the community, I’m with you. Being aware of what is going on in the world and all of our history is so important. Know better, do better- in all areas of life.

The most important thing I feel I can “do” is pray. Pray for the victims. Pray for the victims’ family and friends. Pray for the community. Pray for the attackers and aggressors. Pray for the system. Pray for all those in power and in charge. Pray for the betrayed. Pray for the powerless. Pray for good, positive change. Pray for the world.

The more I’ve learned about the power of prayer, the more I know prayer to be the best thing to do. Yes, of course, there are other actions and steps that need to be taken. But prayer is always a wonderful start.

This book helps illustrate the power of prayer. It’s no secret I love feel good books, movies, and tv shows. Life can be difficult enough on it’s own, so it’s nice to be reminded of all the good in the world. This book, When God Winks at You by SQuire Rushnell is just that. It consists of many people’s own personal godwinks. What is a godwink you ask?

Godwink quote by SQuire Rushnell

When God Winks at You, p.3

I love this. The more life experience I gain and the more I learn about quantum physics, the less I believe in coincidences. I know there to be a Creator, God, and as pointed out in this book, “you’re always on His GPS- a global positioning system I like to call God’s Positional System” (p.4).

The following includes some of the quotes that stuck out to me, with a little elaboration by yours truly. 🙂


“God uses others as unwitting messengers of godwinks to each of us. In fact, we all become deliverers of goodness to others without the slightest clue that God is using us that way” (p.15).

  • What a beautiful image. We all have served and will continue to serve as godwinks for others. In ways we are completely unaware of. This is so magical. Imagine if we could one day see all the amazing godwinks we received and were a part of! Wow. I think we would be overcome with awe.

“Count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.” James 1:2-3 NKJV

  • Ugh… this verse. Yes, on the outside this makes sense and it truly is amazing when you get to the point of counting your trials as joys because you are able to see the growth, bigger picture, and understand you’re developing all sorts of amazing qualities (patience and humility are the big ones that come to my mind). But my dear friend, it can be SO DIFFICULT to get to this spot. I truly don’t know how people could get to this point without believing in a higher power. Regardless of where you are, give yourself some grace for whatever stage you’re at. And I pray, one day you too will count your trials as joys.




“Hope is a powerful force in life. It’s like going into the kitchen, turning on the faucet, and being surprised by the water pressure. You almost jump back, giddy that there’s so much energy pouring out. Your hope is stored up inside and wants to burst out of you the same way. You need to turn on the faucet of your faith and then feel the surge of hope that springs forth. If you are fully hopeful, you’ll cause other people around you to almost jump, happily splashed with your enthusiasm. Reinforced by the wonderful godwinks that happen to you, hope is contagious. Go ahead. Spread it around!” (p. 45-46).

  • What do you think of this? Some days I would feel there was no hope in my pipes to come gushing forward. But what this quote points out is that, “you need to turn on the faucet and then feel the surge of hope that springs forth.” If you have faith, it will lead to hope. But you also have to allow yourself to be hopeful. Sometimes we may need to be in the dark area of no/ limited hope, to process things. But I pray you don’t stay there for long. Hopelessness is a terrible place to be.


  • What’s really helpful is hope is contagious. And I would encourage you, once you’ve allowed yourself the time and space to process whatever you need (being hopeless), start the journey towards hope again.
    • One of my favorite ways to do this is to reverse the hopeless comments/ sentences that you’re saying/ thinking…
      • “what if it doesn’t work” to “what if it DOES work!?”
      • Continue stating the reverse of the hopeless sentences, preferably out loud and see how much better and lighter, and hopeful you feel!

“Deep within you… nothing is hopeless. You are a child of God, and hope has been planted in you by God.” – Norman Vincent Peale (p.47)

  • Another wonderful image. While we may go through stages of our life with more or less hope, it’s always there. It’s in our human make up.
June Flower

Photo Credit: Amanda Sengbusch


“At times of transitions in your life, you seem out of sorts- lost” (p.59).

  • Amen! I realized a few years ago that I can have a hard time in the transitions. Meaning, whatever I’m doing in the moment I want to continue doing. If I’m watching episode after episode on Netflix, I want to continue. If I’m having a great day at work, I feel I could just keep going. etc.
  • Whether it’s the daily transitions from home to work, rest to activity, eating to not eating :), or bigger transitions of a life path… transitions can be hard!
  • If you feel out of sorts during transitions, I really appreciate Brendon Burchard’s recommendations.
    • During the daily transitions:
      • MOVE
        • stand up, get some water, stretch, and take some deep belly breaths.
      • OBSERVE
        • make a mental observation of what you just completed.
        • what are your wins?
        • state your intention for this next part of your day.
      • ACTION
        • Do it!
    • During the bigger, life transitions:
      • REFLECT
        • JOURNAL- you’d be surprised how you write things differently than you may think them. Journaling often clues me into how I really feel about things or provides points I didn’t think of previously.
        • MEDITATE- in times of stillness and quiet, we are better able to receive (guidance, ideas, godwinks, intuition, etc).
      • TALK IT OUT
        • confide in a counselor, therapist, family, or friend.
        • I believe connecting yourself to nature really helps open the line between you and your intuition.
      • SLEEP
        • Never underestimate the power of sleep! It can make or break your day. Far too many of us have trained ourselves to function on less than 7 hours of sleep a night. But friend, if you’re not sleeping 7-9 hours of sleep every night, there are objective detrimental effects occurring in your body. (If you’re a parent to a young child, you get a pass… because life! But really try to incorporate other periods of rest in you day!)
      • NOURISH
        • Eat plenty of good food and drink half of your body weight in ounces of water each day. I know, I know. This is always my suggestion, but we are what we digest. And what we eat and digest makes up our being, which contributes to how we feel, which will manifest in how we think and what we do.

“Perhaps you are more sensitive, more attuned to God’s messages at those moments” (p.63).

  • Moments when we are out of sorts may provide an interesting time to be more sensitive and more aware to God’s messages and our own feelings.
  • This would be an example of when your trials can turn into your joys. You may be out of sorts during a transition, but due to this, you are more attuned to God’s messages and possibly more in tune with yourself. Which is truly amazing.
When God Winks at You Book

Photo Credit: Amanda Sengbusch

Well friends, those are some of my favorite quotes from When God Winks at You.

I would love to know your thoughts about godwinks.

What are some of the godwinks you’ve experienced?

With faith, hope, and love,

Emily Kappelman 

Lemon; Lemon Essential Oil

Recommendations for Spring Health

Hello Friend!

It’s mid may and it sure is looking and feeling like spring. The trees and flowers are budding (all on their own time), the weather goes from 40 degrees and rainy to 70 degrees and sunny (that’s a big change for our bodies to handle!), and we have more daylight hours! Such a wonderful transition from the winter. As mentioned in Oh What A Spring about living with the season of spring, while winter was a time of yin, spring begins the shift to yang.

The properties of the Yin Yang Theory are:

  • While they oppose each other, they also support one another.
  • Neither can exist without the other.
  • They are infinitely divisible in each other.
  • They are dynamic.

These principles are visible in our every day world: in nature, in our own bodies, and even in the emotions, feelings, and experiences of life. This is nicely explained in chapter four of Between Heaven and Earth by Harriet Beinfield and Efrem Korngold… (which I plan to blog about in the near future :)).

Between Heaven and Earth Book; Bird Image

Photo Credit: Amanda Sengbusch

Specific Examples of Yin & Yang: 

Yin: cold, dark, female, hard, heavy, hidden, midnight, moon, still, water (element), winter

Yang: hot, light, male, soft, light (mass), revealed, midday, sun, movement, fire (element), summer

With it being in full swing of spring, we need to ensure we are living with the season, and not in opposition to it. We are moving from yin within yin (winter) to yin within yang (spring).

Something I truly appreciate about Traditional Chinese Medicine is the theory… behind everything. Really, you look outside, and there are the elements and principles which one may find the patterns of your own health and wellbeing. While it takes years of studying to master, the medicine itself is intuitive once you know it.

Spring= Wood= Wind=Liver/ Gallbladder= Green= Anger= Eyes= Tendons

So, friend, spring is the perfect time to help support your Liver health.

The Liver is in charge of free flow of Qi (chee) throughout your body. As explained in Between Heaven and Earth, “The Liver Network is to monitor flow, maintaining evenness of emotions and clarity of judgment, giving grace and flexibility to the physical and mental body.” As you could imagine, if your Liver Qi is imbalanced, all sorts of issues may occur. That being said, living in modern America, it’s very common to have an imbalance of Liver Qi due to our busy, hectic, constantly moving lifestyles.

Some ways to help smooth your Liver Qi:

  •  Breath
    • Honestly, everything could be improved upon with breathing!
    • When you do slow, deep, belly out, inhalations you are allowing your lungs to expand fully since you’re helping your diaphragm move the way it’s intended.
    • The Liver can easily get tight and tense. And the Liver Qi, as is all Qi in the body, is impacted by the breath. The breath fuels our lungs with the oxygen it needs to keep us alive. When our body has the oxygen it needs, it will be less tense and more relaxed.
  • Drink your water!
    • Oh water. Something that is so healing and nourishing, yet so many people seem to forget all the amazing benefits of simply drinking water.
    • Basically we’re about 70% water, so we need water to survive and thrive.
    • The Liver will benefit from ample water intake due to having enough hydration in the body to ensure proper flow of fluids, lubrication of joints, flushing of the system, and plump organs.
  • Dry Skin Brushing
    • This is a wonderful method to help the lymphatic system of the body.* When you help the lymphatic system, you also assist the Qi in moving more smoothly throughout the body. When you help the overall Qi of the body move smoothly, you help the Liver.
    • You can purchase a Dry Skin Brush at most local health stores or online for $10-20.
    • You want to dry skin brush only on completely dry, closed skin.* Before you bathe is usually most ideal. It’s also recommended to dry skin brush in the tub, to catch any dead skin that may flake off.. I know I know… sounds lovely, but it feels wonderful!
      • Be sure to start at the hands and feet and work towards the heart.
      • For your stomach, back, and armpits brush in a circular clockwise motion.
      • You can do anywhere from 5-15 passes on each section.
      • Use enough pressure to feel it, but don’t rub your skin raw… that’s NOT the goal. It should feel almost like a good itch. Be sure to go gentler on more sensitive areas.
      • Continue with your shower and moisturize appropriately.
      • Repeat every few days to every day, depending on your need.
      • Even if you only remember once a week… do it! Once a week is better than not doing it at all.
    • *People with open or inflamed should avoid dry skin brushing. Never dry skin brush over burns, rashes, infections, open wounds, etc. Always consult with your health care practitioner before adding this into your routine.
  • Lemons
    • Lemons have amazing benefits for overall health and wellbeing.
    • Lemons can help your body with it’s natural detoxing abilities. And when you think of detoxing, you think of the function of the liver.
    • You can use the food (a slice), the juice (~1tsp), or the essential oil (1 drop)* per glass of room temperature water.
  • Massage
    • When you move your body, you help the Qi move.
    • Passive movements of your body (as in when someone else is doing the moving for your body) provide wonderful benefits to unblocking stagnation within the body and helping to open up the channels.
    • Plus it feels amazing!
  • Mindset/ Prayers/ Reflection/ Appreciation
    • Yes, mindset/ prayers/ reflections/ having appreciation can help your Liver Qi!
    • The thoughts you think create your feelings and emotions.
    • When the Liver is imbalanced, the emotion you may be feeling more of is anger, irritability, rage, and/ or depression.
    • When you can take stock of your thoughts, you can observe what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling. From there you can shift your thought to more accurate thinking or more positive thinking- whichever is better suited for you.
    • Traditional Chinese Medicine realizes that emotional issues can cause physical issues and physical issues can cause emotional issues.
    • So when you take your thoughts and emotions into account, you can change your physical health, and improve your Liver Qi.
  •  Move & Stretch
    • The Liver governs the tendons, so the health of your tendons are a reflection of your Liver Qi.
    • When you move and stretch, you strengthen, lengthen, and nourish the tendons. This will help balance the Liver Qi.
    • Moving/ exercising/ having an active lifestyle will help ensure your Liver Qi is flowing smoothly.
    • When you are stationary, your Liver Qi can easily get stagnant.
    • Human beings were made to move.
    • Move your body = move your Liver Qi!
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
    • Acupuncture
      • When you insert needles into the body, it creates a micro-trauma. This micro-trauma signals to the brain to increase it’s healing mechanisms.
      • Acupuncture helps the body heal itself.
      • When utilizing needles/ laser/ pressure, a licensed acupuncturist can help direct the flow of Qi in the body.
      • If your Liver Qi is imbalanced, your practitioner can help detect this and perform the proper treatment.
    • Herbs
      • Taking herbs is like having a daily treatment specifically to your needs and patterns.
      • Herbal formulas are wonderfully balanced in their ability to help regulate the energy of the body and bring the body back to homeostasis.
      • Herbal formulas should only be prescribed by a qualified herbalist.
    • Check out FeelGoodClinics.com to schedule.
    • Check out my blog post to find a licensed acupuncturist near you!
Needles on Wood

Photo Credit: Amanda Sengbusch

Those are my top suggestions to help balance your Liver Qi. I suggest adding one thing at a time to see how it works for you and to establish more of a routine, but feel free to do what you need.

I hope this offers some support to your health during the season of spring!

With faith, hope, and love,

Emily Kappelman 

*The suggested uses in the above post apply only to the use of therapeutic grade, Young Living Essential Oils. Not all essential oils are the same! Be sure to consult with the product label or healthcare practitioner for correct usage of essential oils. 

My Bookshelf: High Performance Habits

Hi friends!
How are you doing in this crazy time? What are you doing to ensure your whole being health? Whether you have more time on your hands with this whole COVID-19 thing or you have less time, it’s imperative to be conscious in your daily life.
I wanted to share a book that has been life changing for me and has helped me be more conscious in my daily life. Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Habits book is AH-MAZING. Seriously, if you were to read one book this year, I would highly recommend HPH.
0030_ High Performamce Habits
After a couple intense traumas, including traumatic brain injuries, he realized we’ll all most likely ask three questions at the end of our life:
  • Did I live?
  • Did I love?
  • Did I matter?

From there he has spent his life researching and learning about coaching, high performers, neuroscience, wellness, basically all the things to improve your life. He’s a high performance coach for super high performers, like Olympians, presidents, and fortune 500 companies, so it seems he knows what he’s talking about. (:

This book illustrates the most important six habits of high performers. And what’s better, he provides tactical steps within the top six habits so you too can become a higher performer! Rest assured, even if you just focus on one habit, it’s shown improving in one area improves the others. Like the saying, “The rising tide lifts all boats.” 
Brendon Burchard has so many avenues you can read and listen to his work. I thoroughly enjoy his podcast, The Brendon Show. The variety of topics he speaks on is outstanding and his recommendations are completely doable! You just have to make it a conscious decision and action.
Whatever your passion, whatever your career, whatever your calling, I have full faith this book could help provide you with the tools to become the best you, you can be.
With faith, hope, and love,
Emily Kappelman
Photo Credit: Amanda Sengbusch

Oh What A Spring!

I just love spring time! And what an interesting spring 2020 is turning out to be.
I can’t help but mention COVID-19 and the impact it’s having on everyone. I feel it’s helpful to remind people, pandemics and plagues have been happening essentially since the beginning of time. I guess I never thought I’d get to experience one, but here we are. I pray you are able to find some peace in whatever situation you may be in. It’s encouraging to see how everyone is playing their part, however big or small, your actions make an impact…. what a great lesson for us all.
0075_ The Yellow Emperors
While there’s never an ideal time for pandemics, I feel it’s helpful it’s now officially SPRING!
According to the Yellow Emperor, “Spring is the beginning of things, when the energy should be kept open and fluid.” So much budding, new life represents all the new possibilities unfolding and the energy is magical. 
I grew up in Jester Park and the smell of fresh cut grass in the mornings while the birds sing their song of “spring’s here” is just the best way to start the day. The increased sunlight is definitely a positive as well. However, in Iowa it’s been quite rainy already.
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, “the three months of the spring season bring about the revitalization of all things in nature. It is the time of birth. This is when heaven and earth are reborn. This is the season in which the universal energy begins anew.”
Recommendations to live with the season:
Retire early, arise early.
Go for walks to absorb the fresh energy. 
Be open and unsuppressed:
  • physically: exercise more frequently, increase stretching to loosen up tendons and muscles, wear loose- fitting clothing
  • emotionally: develop equanimity
    • Spring is the season of the liver, which also comes with anger, frustration, depression, and sadness. Any emotion in excess can injure the liver. So being aware of your emotions is very important:
      • notice your thoughts
      • think about why you may be feeling this way
      • realize if it’s settling anywhere physically in your body
      • accept it as it is
      • believe it will pass when it’s time
      • and take deep belly breaths.
While we are practicing social distancing, I think it’s more important than ever to follow the seasonal recommendations given to us from nature itself. This will only help our minds, bodies, and spirits in adjusting to and eventually thriving from this situation.
What are your favorite things about Spring!? What at home activities are you implementing into your daily life?
Photo Credit: Amanda Sengbusch

My Bookshelf: Girl, Wash Your Face

0014 Girl Wash Your Face
Girl, what did we do before Rachel Hollis? I love how this lady is changing all the things. Her open and honest communication about her history, family, marriage, and company is just amazing. I know she’s an inspiration to many of us and I’m so thankful she’s taking the time to help bring up so many people with her. Whether you’re a physical book reader, audible or pod cast listener- Rachel’s got you covered. Her content and message is available so many places.
I was introduced to Rachel Hollis a couple years ago and she’s just so gosh darn empowering- I love it. Girl, Wash Your Face goes through and explains the top lies she believed (which I’m guessing you may be believing or have believed also). These lies hindered her value and self worth. She then provides the strategies she used to work past these lies to live the life she currently wants and deserves.
Which got me thinking about the “lies” I’ve believed throughout my life. These aren’t meant to be lies or meant to bring us down but they’re someone else’s opinion/ perspective/ reality that we take on for ourselves. However, once you start working on your mindset, you realize you can change the way you think about these lies and how you react to situations and events. Like the saying, “you can’t change other people, you can only change yourself.” I’m pretty sure I hated hearing this growing up (and honestly, even some days recently!), but when you start to fully engage your mindset, perspective, and actions to focus fully on yourself, it’s amazing how things start to shift around you. It’s not immediate, all at once, or completely consistent. But just know, one small shift at a time will create a movement all around you. Please envision a very small pebble being dropped into a still body of water and observe the ripple effect!
I find starting my day with intention is a great first step. Anticipate a wonderful day ahead of you, even if your schedule is not your ideal day. Something which has immensely helped me do this is a practice of appreciation. Appreciation and Gratitude seem to be hot topics lately, and for good reason, the benefits appreciate and gratitude have on the mind, body, and spirit are amazing! It can be weird at first and you may “run out of things to be thankful for” but that’s just because you’re just starting this practice.
-> Give yourself some grace and just think, say, or write whatever comes to your mind.
-> I usually start out pretty general with thanking God (universe, high power, or energetic frequencies) for myself (mind, body, spirit, education, experiences), my family and friends (even better to list them individually and go into what you’re thankful for them about), work (physical building, people I work with, the work we’re doing, the people we’re serving), etc.
-> See how specific and detailed you can get. Even thanking God for the perfect amount of raspberry flavoring in your dark chocolate mocha latte.
-> Continue for as long as you can, but don’t worry if it takes a little while for things to come quickly for you.
-> Notice the immediate increase of peace, contentment, and positivity you feel towards yourself, your life, and your surroundings.
-> Unfortunately, there’s no way to know how long these feelings will last. But know you can start with another round of appreciation any time, any place. And the more you do it, the quicker you’ll think to do this, the easier it gets, and the longer the effects will last.
Remember, life is a journey, not a destination.
I do also want to say, sometimes life just sucks. And you need to feel the sucky part of it. There’s great benefit in being in the emotion, whatever it may be, and allowing it. So please be sure to give yourself some grace to allow what you’re feeling, allow yourself to process it however you may need (being that it’s legal and moral of course :)), and trust that you will move forward when it’s the right time. But having a gratitude practice can definitely help with that transition.
What are some “lies” you’ve allowed yourself to believe? How can you go about changing the reality of those lies? Reflect, journal, or talk about it with a loved one. See if you can help each other eliminate those lies and live the life you want and deserve, unhindered.
I’m so thankful for Rachel Hollis, her mission, and the way she’s impacting the world.
Photo Credit: Amanda Sengbusch

My Bookshelf: Keeping Your Child Healthy With Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine is so beneficial for adults, but it is just as beneficial for children! Children even respond more quickly to treatments than adults because of their young age and increased self-healing ability. If you’re wondering how Chinese medicine can help children, I want to recommend a book to read explaining it all!

Keeping your child healthy with chinese medicine

Keeping Your Child Healthy With Chinese Medicine: A Parent’s Guide to the Care and Prevention of Common Childhood Diseases is a fabulous book to read to learn about children and Chinese medicine. Bob Flaws does a thorough job of explaining how things work in the body of a child. He goes through some of the main causes of most children’s diseases. He also gives recommendations on how to help your child not get sick – hint, it begins with the diet. He also discuses other ways to prevent diseases and promote health from Traditional Chinese Medicine theory.

Just some of the topics he discusses include: neonatal jaundice, colic, vomiting of milk, diarrhea, constipation, diaper rash, cradle cap, teething, fever, ear infections, cough, pediatric pneumonia and asthma, strep throat, bed-wetting, allergies, hyperactivity, chickenpox, and traumatic injuries.

I highly recommend Keeping Your Child Healthy with Chinese Medicine, especially if you have any little ones running around, whether you are the parent, guardian, aunt, uncle, grandparent or babysitter.
“In TCM pediatrics, it is believed that children are not simply miniature adults. Rather, children are immature physically and functionally according to Chinese medicine, and most of the common pediatric complaints are due to this immaturity.”
Keeping Your Child Healthy with Chinese Medicine p.7
There’s always so much to learn and remember to be open to other paradigms. The best health plan incorporates Eastern and Western medicine!

My Bookshelf: The Only Little Prayer You Need

Reading has been a constant passion of mine throughout the years. Whether it’s taking me to another land or educating and informing me on something new, there is just something about reading. This book I’ve most recently read has influenced my daily outlook and includes one simple prayer, which has improved the quality of my life.

IMG_0186The book is The Only Little Prayer You Need by Debra Landwehr Engle.

I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone! It empowers you to take charge of the way you think; you have the power and the capacity to improve your attitude about life.

You deserve this. You deserve to live a life in peace and love. Even with this idealistic theme, this book is realistic; it acknowledges bad things happen, but through the prayer it helps the way you respond to the situation. It’s about having faith in a higher power and knowing you’re not alone.

As I was reading the book, I realized it’s a lot like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture. It’s not a one-time fix. It takes time. You need to be consistent in saying the prayer, as in getting treatments. It addresses the root cause of the issue, which is fear, which TCM also does.