Using a Jade Roller as a Part of Your Daily Routine


I just love my jade roller!  I use it daily on my face in the morning and at night if I remember, to help reduce redness, puffiness and wrinkles.

I use the larger end for my forehead, cheeks and chin area, and the smaller end to roll over my eyes. When using the jade roller, remember to roll up and away from the center of your face to enhance the lifting affect and increase blood and oxygen flow to the area.

Jade is naturally cooling in temperature, so no matter where you store it or how often you use it, it’s always cool to the touch – which feels so great if you tend to be a little warmer in temperature, like myself.

I found my jade roller on Amazon – when you are picking one for yourself, be sure to look for one with a larger and smaller roller (as pictured above). This will help you reach all areas of the face easily. And don’t forget, with the holidays coming up this would make the PERFECT gift for the natural beauties in your life!