Happy Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day!

I’m so thankful to have acupuncture and Oriental medicine in my life. I love being able to help improve the quality of life of others, and I also enjoy being able to use the theory in my every day life. Traditional Chinese Medicine is truly amazing.
Check out these pages for great information about acupuncture:

Click to access AOM%20Day%202015%20Newsletter.pdf

Click to access Brochure_AOM_Day_2015.pdf

Let me know if you have any questions about acupuncture and/or Oriental medicine! 


2 thoughts on “Happy Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day!

  1. Mark Hurm says:

    anytime you go for a treatment…it is Acupuncture Day…..:) but its nice to see there is a day set aside for it…..interesting that it would be close to the deadline of sending in your comments on the issue of Dry needling….


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