Why I Exercise


This article, Why Exercise and Endorphins Make You Happy, has great information and explains the benefits of exercise. My main motivation to exercise and move includes how I feel afterwards. I may not “work out” every day, more like 3-4 times a week, but if I don’t exercise, I have to at least stretch for 10 minutes or so- otherwise I just feel so tight and constricted- I blame my liver qi stagnation!

My days are usually off to a great start if I jump out of bed and get a good work out in… not gonna lie, most days it’s an, “ok… I can do this,” and a roll out of bed. But I know once I’m up and going I’ll be so glad I did!

While Mayo Clinic explains some benefits of exercising: controlling weight, disease prevention, improving mood and energy, and promoting better sleep, it’s also motivating to have a little more detail of what’s going on in your body simply by moving each day!

Read the article: Why Exercise and Endorphins Make You Happy to find out what YOU are doing for yourself every time you exercise!

Photo Credit: Jenna Niggeler- during our trip to Beijing, China, in 2013!


Ways to Incorporate Acupuncture Into Your Life

Happy Tuesday everyone! This AcuTake article consists of 15 fabulous ways to incorporate acupuncture into your daily life- written for 2015 but just as true for 2016!

Acupuncture needles in gua sha spoon

Photo Credit: Amanda Sengbusch

Give it a read. I challenge you to pick 3 options to give a try for the remainder of January.

While all of these suggestions are so great, two things I can’t stress enough to my patients are # 6 and #9.

Let me know how you plan to incorporate acupuncture into your daily routine!


Happy Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day!

I’m so thankful to have acupuncture and Oriental medicine in my life. I love being able to help improve the quality of life of others, and I also enjoy being able to use the theory in my every day life. Traditional Chinese Medicine is truly amazing.
Check out these pages for great information about acupuncture:

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Let me know if you have any questions about acupuncture and/or Oriental medicine!